Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review- Thomas Greanias- Raising Atlantis

Thomas Greanias- Raising Atlantis (Pocket Star Books 2005) 4 Stars

An earthquake rocks Antarctica and now a team of scientists has discovered something older than the planet earth. Dr. Conrad Yeats has been brought to Antarctica by his father for his archaeological knowledge. Meanwhile Dr. Serena Serghetti has been sent by Rome to find out what is going on there. It is a race against time to figure out what is happening to the planet before it is too late.

I really enjoyed this book. It was different from my normal reads. It was a good mixture of science-fiction and thriller. I loved the treasure hunt aspect of this novel, it made me want to read the other two books in this series. This author seems to be very talented and a writer of good quality fiction. The characters were good, but certainly could have been better. The plot however was top notch work, with a little bit less realism than I like to see. It was action packed and grabbed my attention early on. I also enjoyed the fact that the book took place in Antarctica, which is something different than other books.

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