Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Review- Sigmund Brouwer- Chief Honor

Sigmund Brouwer- Chief Honor (Word Publishing 1997) 4 Stars

Joseph Larken is the main goalie for the Spokane Chiefs of the WHL. Now Lauren Cross has been signed onto the team and this could threaten his position, as the fact that she is a female goalie is generating a lot of media attention. When steroids are found in Lauren’s things she is suddenly kicked off the team, but Joseph Larken is discovering that there may be more to these steroids than first meets the eye.

I loved this series when I was young, but had never read this one. I enjoyed reading this and how much it teaches young people about hockey, that way those who do not know about hockey can still enjoy the series. It was interesting to see hockey from a goalie’s perspective, as I do not usually think of hockey in that way. I also enjoyed the characters as they were fairly good for a kid’s book, but could have been stronger. I also thought that plot could have been better, but it was still decent. I would certainly recommend this book and the rest of the series.

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