Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Review- Lee Child- Nothing to Lose

Lee Child- Nothing to Lose (Dell Books 2009) 4.5 Stars

When Jack Reacher walks into the small company town of Despair he has no idea what he is getting himself into. Stopping at a local diner he asks for a cup of coffee, but in this town that is asking for trouble. They don’t like strangers and they don’t like him. After he gets told to leave town his ire and curiosity is aroused. Now he plans to make it his personal mission to find out just what they are hiding in the town of Despair, no matter how many heads he has to knock together.

I love the Jack Reacher series. Jack Reacher is a real badass character, which can make or an interesting read. Of course he always finds a woman to tag along, which is kind of predictable and at times a little tiring. I always enjoy all the fast-paced action that keeps the book moving along. Your attention is never lost at any point in time. The plot was great with lots of twists and turns. It was interesting to see him laying down the law in the middle of nowhere, as he usually does so in cities. I also liked how we saw him being outsmarted at times, as this made it seem more realistic. I would however be curious to see if this author could write something revolving around a different character.

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