Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- Bloody River Blues

Jeffery Deaver- Bloody River Blues (Pocket Books 2000) 3 Stars

John Pellam is in Maddox scouting locations for a movie and is grabbing beer after work when he witnesses a double murder and police officer shooting. Now the killers are out to silence him before he can testify and the police are trying to force him to testify to something he didn’t actually see. As things begin to heat up and his job seems to be in jeopardy, Pellam must take matters into his own hands.

This book was okay, but not great. The plot was decent, with a few really good sections, but not enough of them to keep my interest throughout the book. I found that there was a lot of fluff that dragged things down. The characters were decent, but again not great. The setting was really good though, it helped the book along. I also enjoyed seeing the police officer deal with becoming paralyzed by the gunshot wounds, although it did distract from the main storyline. I have seen a lot better work by this author and would recommend reading his later work instead of his old work.

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