Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Review- Stephen Hunter- Night of Thunder

Stephen Hunter- Night of Thunder (Pocket Star Books 2009) 3.75 Stars

NASCAR is coming to Britsol, but reporter Nikki Swagger is not interested in NASCAR, she is hunting down a lead on a meth lab. She is following up on the lead when she is run off of the road, in an attempt to kill her. She is now in the hospital. Not sure when she will awake from her coma, Bob Lee Swagger is digging into just who may have wanted his daughter dead. He won’t stop until he brings the guilty to justice, even if it means they must die.

The introduction for this book was pretty good; it makes you want to find out just why it is Nikki was targeted. We get to see a little of the bad guys throughout the book, but not enough to spoil things, or give away who the head honcho is. The timing and location is interesting as my wife loves NASCAR, so having it in Bristol during a NASCAR race made it grab my attention. Hunter is great at writing setting, although at times I think it was a little too much. I also loved how much depth his characters had, but again at times it was too much and took away from the pace. The plot was great. I really enjoyed how it moved along so smoothly and then ended with a pop! I also loved how the ending was so unpredictable. I did not see it coming, although after I was like, “How did I not see that one coming?” I did find that his long paragraphs were a little distracting, and at times I felt that he got a little too wordy. Overall though, it was a pretty good book and I would recommend it to thriller fans.

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