Friday, January 7, 2011

Book Review- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor- Shiloh Season

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor- Shiloh Season (Aladdin Paperbacks 1998) 3.25 Stars

Marty Preston now has Shiloh as his pet. He is still working for Doc Murphy to pay off his vet pill, but as the new hunting season approaches and Judd is drinking heavily, he is afraid that something might happen to Shiloh. Will Judd try to hurt Shiloh, or maybe even kill him? Will Marty have to tell the secret he has been hiding?

This book got off to a slow start, and never really picked up. It does grab the reader about half way through and you get caught up in Marty’s fears and his effort to correct them. Marty is a wonderful character with a great heart. I like how we saw the characters in the book get more depth and Naylor filled them out. I think that young kids and pet lovers will easily get lost in this book and would find it a challenge to put down. I do wish that the plot could have been a little deeper, although I am not sure how that could have been accomplished.

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