Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Review- Dan Mahoney- The Two Chinatowns

Dan Mahoney- The Two Chinatowns (St. Martin’s Press 2002) 3.75 Stars

The Triads are moving into Toronto and have already established themselves in New York City. Now Detective Cisco Sanchez is in Toronto and his fiancé has just been murdered while they were out for supper. The killers were gathering extortion money for the Triads and Cisco takes exception to there freedom after the murder. It has become his mission, and the joint forces mission of the Toronto PD, New York PD, and the FBI to take them down. Danger is around every corner as they hunt down and cripple the Triads. Every move could be their last.

The introduction was good, I love reading about boxing, so it grabbed my attention, then with the murder following close behind it sucked me into the pages. Cisco is not an overly likable character, but one who is quite capable. He is teamed up with other characters that are also quite well done by this author. The plot was an interesting one, though at times I felt my attention waning. It was also interesting to see Canada playing a major role in a book by an American author. I enjoyed how the book brought the characters to many different countries and the challenges that this involved. I would recommend this book/series to thriller lovers.

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