Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Review- C.J. Box- Open Season

C.J. Box- Open Season (Berkley Mystery 2002) 2.75 Stars

In Wyoming, Joe Pickett is a Game Warden. Someone has just been found dead on his property with a cooler containing nothing but a few animal droppings. Rumours are flying about a species thought to be extinct showing up and an oil company wants to build pipes through the area. Meanwhile Joe Pickett’s family may be in danger. Can Joe Pickett figure out what is going on before it is too late?

I loved the introductory chapter in this novel, it kind of made you see a little into the life of a Game Warden and through in a little action. However, it got to be pretty tedious for a long time after that. I found myself bored until the last 80 pages, when it got to be intense and action packed. The author throws in a lot of useless details/fluff that could have easily been eliminated, which would have picked up the pace of the novel and made it more interesting. The ending was cute, and fit in well, not sure about realistic, but it was a heart-warming end.

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