Monday, November 15, 2010

Book Review- Peter Lerangis- Spy X: The Code

Peter Lerangis- Spy X: The Code (Scholastic 2004) 2.75 Stars

When Andrew and Evie move to yet another new town they never could have pictured what it would be like. With their father being a military man and their mother having disappeared a year ago, they move around a lot. Their mother left a note for them when she left and now they have received a mysterious package from what they assume to be their uncle. They are not sure who they can trust and just what is going on.

I never really got into this book at any point in time. It was alright, but not overly interesting. I do however think that the next instalment in this series would be better. I loved the characters in this book, they were very well done. It is certainly a character driven novel. The plot was slow moving, but did build up towards the end, leaving it off for an interesting start to a next novel. I am not sure how interested kids would be in this novel, but there may be kids who would like it.

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