Friday, November 26, 2010

Book Review- John Vornholt- Starfleet Academy: Capture the Flag

John Vornholt- Starfleet Academy: Capture the Flag (Minstrel Books 1994) 3.25 Stars

Geordi LaForge is in his first year of Starfleet Academy and after beating a competitive cadet in a game, he must now face him in an elimination game of capture the flag. Geordi is scrawny and not very athletic, yet he has been chosen to be captain of one of the four teams. To make a point he has chosen a team of similar beings who are also always chosen last. Now he must face a stronger, more athletic team, and use his brain to outsmart them.

I liked the introduction to this book, as it was different from the norm, and made you curious about the rest of the book. Then it kind of tanks off and gets boring, taking awhile to get to the main point of the novel. I was driven on only by the knowledge that this was my favourite book in this series when I was growing up. When it got to the point I really enjoyed the book and I love what it has to teach children about how being toughest and strongest is not always an advantage in life, you also have to be able to use your head. The ending was cheesy and predictable, but was also kind of amusing, and I could see kids loving it. I would recommend this book to young sci-fi fans.

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