Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- Shallow Graves

Jeffery Deaver- Shallow Graves (Pocket star Books 2000) 3.5 Stars

John Pellam is a movie location scout. Coming into the town of Cleary he never would have imagined that his life was about to change. Things are falling apart in their movie deal and a brutal murder has Pellam trapped in a twisted web of violence. He has to figure out what is going on before it is too late.

I was not impressed by the way this book started it was a little slow and boring. It did, however pick up that pace as it went, true to Deaver’s reputation. The latter half was very interesting and had some great twists. I love the character of Pellam, he is very likeable and I would certainly consider reading another book with this character in it. The action scenes were enjoyable and intense, which made for a gripping last half. However I did not think that the ending was as strong as it could have been, though it wasn’t terrible either. Overall I wasn’t overly impressed; it was just an average read for me. I have certainly seen better by this amazing author.

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