Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Review- James Patterson with Andrew Gross- 2nd Chance

James Patterson with Andrew Gross- 2nd Chance (Little, Brown and Company 2002) 3.75 Stars

When what looks like a racially driven spree of murders rocks San Francisco, recently promoted Lindsay Boxer is on the hunt. She must unearth the truth behind these murders. Are they connected? If so what is the connection? What is really happening here? She is bringing the Women’s Murder Club back together to try to solve this case, before this killer ends every hope of the spree ending. Can they do it before it destroys them?

I loved the introduction to this book as it captured my attention immediately, which set the stage for the rest of the book. The book was fairly fast-paced and I enjoyed the many twists this book took, knowing Patterson you kind of knew that he had to be misleading you in some way, which is great. I do think that the characters could have used a little work, but they were not bad. I do have to kind of wonder when I see “with Andrew Gross” on the cover, just how much did Patterson write and how much “editing” did he do? I would keep reading this series as it isn’t a bad read, but I would like to see if Patterson would be able to write a book by himself, rather than co-writing every single book he comes out with now.

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