Thursday, November 11, 2010

Book Review- David Ellis- Line of Vision

David Ellis- Line of Vision (Berkley Books 2002) 4 Stars

When Marty Kalish fell in love with a married woman, he never imagined that he would end up in court because of it. Accused of murdering the woman’s husband, he is in a fight for his life. Things are adding up against him, he was at the scene of the crime at the exact time of the murder, and made the mistake of confessing to the murder to the police. The question is what did he confess to, and can he work enough magic to get himself out of this mess?

I do not like very many legal thrillers, but David Ellis has a way of writing them so that I enjoy it. This book was written in a different way from all the other legal thrillers, and I found it refreshing. The characters are really well done, but you find out at several points that you really don’t know the characters all that well. I loved the way that Ellis threw in twists here and there that completely catch the reader of guard, and make you go “What?!” I found myself cheering for Marty in court, even though I knew that I should not be. I liked the introduction as it draws you in and makes you want to find out what is going on, however the ending I felt could have been a little stronger, though I did like the last sentence and it ties things up with a finality not normally seen. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes legal thrillers.

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