Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Review- Suzanne Collins- Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins- Catching Fire (Scholastic 2009) 4 Stars

After winning the Hunger Games with her teammate Peeta, she returns home to what should be a better life, but things are not as she had hoped. Her best friend Gale no longer wants anything to do with her and Peeta feels the same. With rumours flying around about rebellion among the districts, Peeta and Katniss realize that they have caused it. Now they are on the Capitol’s Victory Tour and they must convince the Districts that they are still very much in love, or their will be terrible consequences.

Continuing on with the Hunger Games series, it was interesting to see what life has in store got Katniss next. Getting off to a slow start it was still interesting to see life in the District. It was great to see rebellion talk happening as I am sure that that is exactly what would happen. I was captivated by how much change started to take place when the President felt threatened and how much it caused Katniss to fight to keep things from exploding. The latter half of the book was great, very intense and attention-grabbing. It also had a great ending that leaves you wanting to read more, which will be continued in the next book in the series, which I cannot wait to read.

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