Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Review- Peter David- Starfleet Academy: Survival

Peter David- Starfleet Academy: Survival (Minstrel Books 1993) 3 Stars

When the colony on Dantar is wiped out, the cadets and young Klingons are left stranded. Worf must try to lead this young group in their quest or survival. They are fighting among themselves, but quickly discover that they may not be the only ones on the planet. The only way they are going to survive is to come together and work towards getting off the planet.

This book was just an average book. At no point was it gripping, yet it wasn’t boring either. I did enjoy seeing the group come together though, and how they had to work as a team to solve the crisis before them. I also enjoyed a couple of the twists thrown in, they were unexpected. It did have a level of predictability though. The introduction wasn’t really gripping and could have used some more work, and the ending was a little disappointing. Overall though it was not a bad book; if you enjoy Star Trek you will like this book.

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