Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Review- Lee Child- One Shot

Lee Child- One Shot (Dell Books 2009) 4.25 Stars

When a sniper takes out five people outside a DMV building, an ex-military man is quickly arrested and the evidence against him is staggering. Now the man is asking for Reacher. Unable to locate Reacher they are shocked when he suddenly shows up. Opposite of Reacher’s intentions, he is quickly learning that this airtight case may be unwinding, and another man may actually be in control of everything that has been happening. Teamed with a young female defence attorney, he must uncover the truth and remain alive in the process.

This action-packed novel is certainly a must read. The plot was intense and full of unexpected surprises. The characters in this novel fit their roles completely and all had an amazing depth to them. Most importantly though, is the fact that Jack Reacher once again kicks butt and butts heads with villains. It was a little weird not seeing the main character, Jack Reacher, until 50 pages into the book. I understand why he did it this way, but would have preferred it if he had a found a way to introduce the main character sooner. Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good thriller.

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