Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Review- JJ Ritonya- Sunset

JJ Ritonya- Sunset (Createspace 2009) 2.75 Stars

When the majority of the world’s population dies suddenly, three different survivors in three separate locations must struggle to survive in the new world. Two days after the mysterious deaths the bodies suddenly disappear and are replaced by zombies, who come out to play after sunset. Living has just become more unlikely, but zombies aren’t their only threat.

I must say that I had no idea that this was a zombie book before reading this, the author’s description of the book does not tell the potential reader this. As a reader it would be nice to know this before going into the book. I do think that the whole zombie thing is way overdone in movies, so reading a book about it doesn’t really excite me. That being said it wasn’t a horrible book, not a book I would have chosen to read, but better than I would have expected a zombie book to be. I did not really get drawn into this book at any point, mostly because, I thought that it was a little hard to follow four different people in different locations, it was distracting. I also found it odd that two of the characters we were following were written as “I”; I would have preferred if one person was “I” and the rest by name, correcting this perspective issue would be an asset in the upcoming sequel. I wasn’t overly impressed with this novel, but if you like zombies or are looking for a Halloween read, I would recommend reading this novel.

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