Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Play Dead

Harlan Coben- Play Dead (Signet Books 2010) 3.5 Stars

While on their secret honeymoon in Australia, supermodel Laura Ayars discovers that her husband, Celtics superstar David Baskin, has gone missing. He went for a swim and was never seen again. Laura Ayars will not take suicide as an answer, but no one seems willing to help her find the truth behind her husband’s disappearance. Her quest will bring up secrets from thirty years ago that someone will do anything to make sure stays a secret.

I was looking forward to this novel, especially since it is actually his first novel. That being said, I did not enjoy it as much as his other novels. A good book, just not as good as I am used to with him. The actual plot was very good, but I did feel that it could have been executed a little better. It was suspenseful though, you would think you knew who it was, but then you would second guess yourself. I found myself doing this constantly. The characters were excellently done; I was very impressed by them. I am not completely sold that someone would have done it this way, but it did make for an interesting novel. I would recommend this book to Coben fans. This should probably not be the first Coben book you read however.

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