Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review- Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child- Reliquary

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child- Reliquary (Tor Books 1997) 3.5 Stars

When two deformed skeletons are discovered underwater, an investigation into not only the deaths, but the deformities begins. Margo Green is brought in to assist the police in their investigation, due to her knowledge in anthropology. Police lieutenant D’Agosta and FBI agent Pendergast are hunting deep beneath the streets of Manhattan, in tunnels few remember to find the ugly truth behind these two deaths and the gross deformities. No one could have imagined the dangers lying in wait, deep beneath Manhattan.

This pair can definitely write a mean thriller, however the little science fiction twist was a little weird for me, as I do not really like anything quite that bizarre. That being said I did enjoy this book for the most part. I liked the introduction although it wasn’t as gripping as some. I also enjoyed the intensity of this book, it was a little slower to start with, but the last half was really intense. The twists this book took were well crafted and added to this intensity, including the final big twist that I did not see coming. I did find the perspective shifts a little distracting, although I do not know how it could have been done differently. I loved all the details of the underground tunnels as it was very interesting and got the imagination flowing. This is a very talented writing pair and although I would not read this book again, I would read more by them.

I do recommend Reliquary to anyone who enjoys a thriller with a little oddity.

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