Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Review- Anne M. Dooley- Plane Death

Anne M. Dooley- Plane Death (NeWest Press 1996) 3 Stars

When a plane goes missing Elie Meade, a commercial pilot, volunteers to help find the plane. What they find was no ordinary missing plane. They discover that the plane had been tampered with. Now they must find the killer and the motive. Diamonds in Northern Saskatchewan, could that be the reason behind this mysterious death? When a second body turns up, Elie discovers that she must find the killer before she becomes the main suspect.

I was happy to find a Canadian book to give a try, but sadly it did not meet my expectations. It was bad, but it certainly wasn’t great either. It was interesting to actually read a book about areas I know, considering it takes place around Saskatoon where I used to live. It was also refreshing to see it coming from a different perspective then I am used to seeing. It came from the perspective of a small time pilot and mother of two university students. I did find that it wasn’t really a gripping introduction, just good enough to keep me reading. The ending was great though; an action-filled scene and a surprising culprit. I was a little disappointed in how easily a lot of the clues came, although I liked that none of them had an idea who it was until it slapped them in the face. I would not recommend this one, but if you are looking for a Canadian author you might give it a try.

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