Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review- William W. Johnstone- Six Ways from Sunday

William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone- Six Ways from Sunday (Pinnacle 2009) 2.75 Stars

Cotton Pickens hates his name, but he hates to see injustice even more. He has ridden into a mining camp that is slowly being taken over by Carter Scruples, a man with a ruthless sense of business tactics. Cotton must try to defend the miners before Scruples takes over all of Swamp Creek. He is up against superior numbers, but that won’t sway him form his sense of duty.

Normally I love this author, but in this case I really did not enjoy this book. It had an interesting introduction, not gripping, just interesting. I did not really like the characters in this novel. The author was trying to make Cotton seems stupid, and he succeeded; he succeeded a little too well, annoyingly so. The plot was alright, but lacked real depth. The writing style used in this novel was not to my liking either, as it was just plain crude and unnecessarily gross. I did not really understand why the situation was not resolved easily through the miners ganging up on Scruples and his men, rather than trying to fight him off one at a time and losing. It was more of a frustrating read and I do not recommend this book.

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