Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Review- Iris Johansen- And Then You Die

Iris Johansen- And Then You Die (Bantam Books 1998) 3.25 Stars

Stumbling upon a massacre by a general who is testing a virus that he intends to release in the U.S., Bess Grady is now running for her life. He has tested it on the town of Tenajo and no one has survived except a little girl, whom Bess intends to fight to keep alive. Now the general is hunting her down and wants her dead. She must not be allowed to spoil the general’s plan.

I was kind of up and down about this one. It was very well-written, just a little more girly then I would have liked. I do think that my wife would enjoy this book though. The characters were very well done and had some depth. The plot was well-done, but was a little overdone; however it was a different take on it then what I am used to seeing. I found myself tiring of the book by the end, but the final chapters were great. I loved the final twist that was thrown in. I would recommend this book to women who like thrillers.

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