Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Review- Hal G. Evarts- Renegade of Rainbow Basin

Hal G. Evarts- Renegade of Rainbow Basin (Pocket Books 1977) 3.5 Stars

The ranchers of Rainbow Basin are all set for a range war and seem unwilling to negotiate. Now Jim Bristow has returned and he seems to be trapped right in the middle. Trying to get both sides to see that they are being manipulated could be harder than it seems, but it could also get him killed as a murderer is on the loose who will stop at nothing to get his way.

The introduction to Renegade of Rainbow Basin was different from most westerns and it managed to grab my attention. This western was action-packed, but the author did not sacrifice plot for the sake of action. The action was expertly woven into the storyline. The plot was not overly deep, but was interesting enough to keep me reading. I have always wondered why western writers feel the need to make it so that there is a touch of romance in the book, romantic tension, and in this case it was two women wanting the same man. The setting was well painted by the author. I enjoyed how easy it was to picture in my mind what was happening because the author was able to depict it so well. I do wish that westerns were not so short however as everything always seems kind of rushed.

I recommend Renegade of Rainbow Basin to western readers.

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