Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Review- Frank O’Rourke- Ambuscade

Frank O’Rourke- Ambuscade (Signet 1959) 3 Stars

After a robbery winds up with two men dead, Norcross picks up the manhunt for the culprits. They have already picked up Lovato who held the murderers horses during the job, but now they intend to set him free in the hopes of his leading them to bigger fish. The trap has been set; all that they need now is for their prey to fall victim to their trickery.

It took me a while to get into this one. It never had that moment of Wow this is a great book! It was just barely interesting enough for me to stick it out and keep reading. The beginning was kind of blasé, which right away makes me wondering about the rest of the book. The characters were not very deep and at times I was confused about who was who. For such a short book I kind of expected a faster pace, rather than the slow pace it took on. I did however enjoy the last forty pages of the book as it picked up by that point and all the confusion had fallen away. I would not consider picking up another book by this author and would not recommend Ambuscade.

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