Friday, June 4, 2010

Book Review- Bill Brooks- Law for Hire: Saving Masterson

Bill Brooks- Law for Hire: Saving Masterson (HarperTorch 2004) 3.25 Stars

Dodge City has been left in the hands of the Masterson brothers. They have the tough job of keeping the law and order. Filled with rough men who are tired of being told what they can and cannot do, the Masterson brothers may have bitten off more than they can chew. Bringing in Pinkerton Teddy Blue was not their decision, but that of the town council. Can one man save the Dodge’s lawmen from a sure grave, when every man with a gun wants to put a hole in the Masterson brothers?

I loved the first couple of chapters in Law for Hire: Saving Masterson they drew me right in making me want to read more. The opening pages caught my interest and the next chapter had me hooked. I had high hopes for a great read, but then Brooks did something I cannot stand; he started shifting character focus constantly. I am okay with a couple of different characters being focused on, but there were several characters at different locations being focused on, one in particular could have easily been cut, as he did not really play into the story at all. I enjoyed the plot, but would have enjoyed it more had Brooks focused on only two characters, as it made it hard to keep track of who was trying to do what. I did enjoy how much Brooks seems to know about historical figures of the time period as that made it a little more interesting. Overall I must say that with this book you would have to try it for yourself to figure out if it is something you will enjoy.

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