Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Review- Norah McClintock- The Body in the Basement

Norah McClintock- The Body in the Basement (Scholastic 1997) 3.5 Stars

Tasha cannot believe her bad luck. First a body is found in the basement of the café her parents used to own, then the body turns out to be her mother whom she thought had abandoned her, and suddenly her father is arrested and charged with murder. She knows her father did not commit this murder, but how can she get the evidence to prove it and get her father out of prison. In her quest for the truth she uncovers secrets long put behind everyone. How can she possibly find the killer when everyone seems to be keeping so many secrets?

The introductory pages were a little slow and I was wondering what the point was, but as the story continued I did enjoy the intrigue. I liked Tasha’s character, as she was the kind of character the teens reading this book could probably relate to. Jace was also a very relatable character and I enjoyed seeing his enthusiasm for helping out a friend in need. The plot was not overly deep and was pretty predictable, but with a book of this nature depth of plot is not too important, although it would have been nice to have less predictability. The ending I saw coming a mile away, but still enjoyed reading about it, and seeing it unfold. The end was a little too perfect for my liking, as everything just kind of fell into place for everyone; if only life was that way. I would still recommend reading The Body in the Basement and would check out more novels by this Canadian author.

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