Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Review- Lee Child- Without Fail

Lee Child- Without Fail (Jove Books 2003) 3.5 Stars

When threats come in against the life of the vice president of the United States, the Secret Service find, but one that they decide to take seriously. Now they are calling upon Jack Reacher, whose deceased brother Joe Reacher used to work with the Secret Service. Jack Reacher must show them the flaws in their security and help them save the life of the vice president before it is too late. The assassins think that they have everything all figured out and that the death of the vice president is a sure thing, but that’s not going to happen, not if Jack Reacher has anything to say about it.

As usual I enjoyed Lee Child’s writing style. Reacher is a great character who you can’t help but like reading about. This time we find out some background information on his relationship with his brother and a little more about the Reacher brothers’ childhood. I did find that this particular novel was not as good as some of the previous novels and was a little harder for me to get into. I did enjoy the book once I got into it and the plot was a pretty good one, not the type I would have expected from this series. As usual Lee Child had some great twists that shock the reader and come with little warning. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a good thriller.

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