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Book Review- James Patterson- Cross Country

James Patterson- Cross Country (Vision 2009) 4 Stars

Just when Detective Alex Cross thought that he had seen the worst of the worst, a crime scene comes along that knocks him off his feet. It is by far the most horrific crime scene he has ever scene. An old girlfriend of his is murdered and her whole family is killed along with her. The Dragon Slayer is on the case and he will not let up until he has either died or solved the case. Another scene much like the first comes along and he is shown just how merciless this killer is. He has uncovered something he had never imagined, a foreign thug is using teenage boys to do his dirty work and the man Known as the Tiger is now in Africa. Alex goes against everyone’s advice and follows this ruthless murderer across the globe. Does he have what it takes to survive when everyone wants him dead?

I found Cross Country to be refreshingly different from the rut Patterson has fallen into with his Cross series. The introduction drew me in right away; it was full of intrigue and the usual despicable murder. Patterson then goes right into Cross at the crime scene with his girlfriend (fellow detective Bree), and we quickly discover that the murdered woman was an old flame. I was very pleased to find out that he would be in Africa following the killer, as that would leave less chance for Patterson’s usual family scenes which are overdone. This is the reason why this book was refreshing, there was less about Alex Cross’ family and more about the case. I did find that the fact that once again his family is threatened to be slightly annoying, as it happens in nearly every single Cross book, and I am sure that this does not really happen as often as Patterson makes it seem. I enjoyed the fast-paced action in this novel and loved the plot. I would definitely recommend Cross Country to thriller fans and readers of James Patterson.

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