Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Just One Look

Harlan Coben- Just One Look (Signet 2005) 4 Stars

Grace Lawson has a life she loves, a great home, loving husband, and wonderful children, but one day it all seems to just unravel. It all starts when she discovers an old photograph mixed in her new roll of film, in the photograph is a man who looks just like her husband Jack. When confronted Jack denies it, but disappears with the picture. Now Grace must sort out just what is going on, but she soon realizes that she is not the only one who knows about the photograph, and is hunting for the details around that picture. Also searching is a ruthless killer who does not care who dies, just as long as he completes his assignment. With the police doing little she knows that if the truth is to be found she must do the digging herself. She must find the truth even if it costs her everything she has come to love.

At first I found Just One Look to be kind of difficult to get into, it had just enough oomph to keep me reading. Harlan Coben has definitely had better introductions, but the book did pick up the pace true to Coben’s reputation. The plot was a great with lots of twists and turns as Grace Lawson receives some shocking revelations. I love how Coben is able to make the reader think one thing and end up with a totally different result, just like an illusionist. I enjoyed the many characters we come across in this novel, they are expertly created and woven into the storyline, although I felt that I did not always how a couple of characters reacted, nor their actions. Coben chose interesting places to have some of the scenes, places where the reader would least expect their to be things of importance happening (for the novel’s sake anyways), which was good to see as it came across as a refreshing change from the places novels normally visit. Overall I really enjoyed Just One Look, and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller.

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