Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review- Phillip Margolin- Fugitive

Phillip Margolin- Fugitive (Harper 2010) 3.75 Stars

When Charlie Marsh saved the life of a prison during a prison riot, his past as a con man was forgiven and he was awarded early parole. Life outside prison walls is not easy though, especially when a U.S. congressman is murdered and he finds himself being suspect number one. He took off to Batanga, Africa to avoid returning to prison. Now after twelve years of hiding he is returning home and he has hired attorney Amanda Jaffe to keep him from death row. Death row seems like a cakewalk compared to what will happen if African leader Jean-Claude Baptiste gets a hold of him. Running from the African leader’s hired gun, he discovers that he is also in someone else’s sights as well.

Fugitive had an interesting start that I wasn’t sure if I liked, but it did the job and kept me curious enough to keep reading. I won’t say that it had my full attention the whole time I read, as it did not grip me like that, but it was a fairly interesting read. I really liked the plot and the idea behind it. It was creative and went well in a book format. The main character was not the most likeable man as he really was a scoundrel, but I still found myself hoping that the truth would win out (as I knew it must). The other characters were created just enough so that you had enough details to show you who they were, but not enough to gain a big connection (connection was not the author’s desire). It did jump a little from time period to time period to fill you in on much needed details, and normally I find this annoying, but in this case it worked in well with the rest of the storyline.

I recommend Fugitive to thriller fans.

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