Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Review- Lee Child- The Visitor

Lee Child- The Visitor (Bantam Books 2000) 4.75 Stars

Women are dying all around the States; murdered for some unknown reason, and yet they all seem to be connected. All the women were in the army and have resigned. All are being found in their home, naked, in a bathtub full of army camouflage paint, and no one can figure out just how they died. The authorities suspect that the murderer must be an army man who is a loner who has developed a strong hate for these women, a man who can be ruthless and efficient when the situation calls for it. The model that they intend to use…Jack Reacher.

The Visitor is another great novel put out by a fantastic author, Lee Child. It was a little bit odd to be reading a European version of a novel (U.S. version is called Running Blind), the spelling on certain words was different, the same for a couple of grammatical changes. This book grabbed my attention right from the get go and did not let up at any point. I kept wondering what Jack was going to do next and was surprised at some of his reactions as I expected him to react differently. I love Jack’s character as he is your hard-nosed, no-nonsense, tough guy, who has a big heart; although he doesn’t always show it the way people think that he should. We find him being manipulated by the FBI and yet at the same time he is tricking them into doing certain things the way he wants them to. He gets the opportunity to use some of his old army connections, showing a little bit of how his old job worked. I enjoyed how this one was more mystery than some of his previous ones.

I recommend The Visitor (Running Blind) to anyone who loves Lee Child, mysteries, or thrillers.

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