Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- The Twelfth Card

Jeffery Deaver- The Twelfth Card (Pocket Star Books 2006) 4.75 Stars

When a young girl researches her families past for a school project, her life suddenly explodes into a twisted web of danger. Now Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs must stop this cold-hearted killer before he succeeds in his mission. Found at the scene, is the twelfth card from a tarot pack, the hanged man. They must figure out what everything means. Is the girl being hunted down because of the possible changes to civil rights this girl’s project might dig up, or is there some other reason they have yet to discover? Can they end this man’s killing spree before it ends this young girl’s life?

The Twelfth Card grabbed my attention from the first page and refused to let go. I enjoyed how intense the plot was and how smoothly the storyline flowed. It was set up so that the reader would only figure things out when the investigators figured it out. Some of the decoys the killer set up were really well done and left the reader on the edge of their seat, guessing what might come next. I also enjoyed characters; all of them are very intriguing and fit in very well with the storyline. At times I do get a little annoyed with the constant mentioning of the fact that Lincoln Rhyme is paraplegic, but this is so minor it is hardly worth mentioning. I also thought that the book could have ended sooner, cutting out the last thirty or so pages. It was a cute ending, but unnecessary. Overall though I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.

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