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Book Review- James Patterson- London Bridges

James Patterson- London Bridges (Warner Books 2005) 3.5 Stars

Alex Cross has double the trouble in this intense thriller. The Wolf locates The Weasel and the two wreak havoc on the world, enjoying the fact that Cross must run around after their clues. Cross gets pulled into the case after a bomb destroys a Nevada town. The Wolf is threatening the same fate for many major cities around the globe, unless they give in to his demands. Hunting for these two psychopathic killers will be Cross’ toughest case yet, all leading up to The Wolf’s true identity. Can they catch these maniacs before they destroy four of the world’s major cities?

London Bridges started off great. It had an intense introduction and I loved it. The intensity level never really did drop off at any point. It was gripping throughout the whole book. However again it included much of Alex’s home life/love life. Patterson also had way too many twists. As in every book, as soon as Cross thinks he has found his man he is proved wrong, his hunches seem to be wrong a lot. This happens at several points in the book, a few too many twists takes away from the effect twists are supposed to have on the reader. Patterson was trying too hard and it became rather annoying. I also was slightly frustrated with how this Wolf could make all of the world leaders jump through hoops and he could do whatever he wanted to. I do not think that this was very realistic at all. I do not think that it would be that easy to gain control of the world powers. Of course one thing Patterson is good at is character development and he did not fail in this area. Cross’ character is amazingly well-created and deep.

I recommend London Bridges to those who are fans of the Alex Cross series.

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  1. An enjoyable read London Bridges by James Patterson. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.


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