Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Review- James Patterson- The Big Bad Wolf

James Patterson- The Big Bad Wolf (Doubleday 2003) 3.75 Stars

As Alex Cross adjusts to being in the FBI, he must complete the training courses and adjust to their different way of dealing with cases. The kidnapping of a judge’s wife brings in the FBI and Alex Cross finds himself hunting a Russian gang leader named the Wolf. The Wolf is using small groups to kidnap women and sell them to his select buyers for the purposes of slavery/sex. Just as they think that they have got him he eludes their grasp time and time again. Catching the Wolf may be a bigger challenge then the FBI had first figured.

James Patterson’s Cross series seems to be stuck in a mould. The same situations keep happening in each book, making them more and more predictable as the series goes. For example his family will always get threatened at some point and the suspect will always elude capture/outsmart Cross several times throughout the book. I would love to give specific examples, but do not like spoilers in reviews, so I will refrain. I find myself predicting what will happen at certain points, although I must say I loved the ending, I did not see it coming. In this book we heard a little less about his family, enough so that it was tolerable. As usual his family life suffers greatly during a tough case, which is likely how it works for many officers of the law. I did like this villain. He was not near as creepy as some of the others. He was pretty much just feeding upon the deviant sexual predators to make money for himself. The Wolf was a very intelligent criminal who gave Cross a good run for his money, much better than the tiresome Mastermind, whose books I did not enjoy.

I recommend The Big Bad Wolf to fans of Patterson and his Cross series.

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