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Book Review: Franklin W. Dixon- The Hardy Boys: Competitive Edge

Franklin W. Dixon- The Hardy Boys: Competitive Edge (Archway Paperback 1996) 3 Stars

During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Frank and Joe will be volunteers. They are hoping to see great athletes at work, but they end up seeing much more. When criminal activities start happening at the Olympics the Hardy’s must locate the culprits and bring them to justice. A war between two countries far away seems to be responsible for the crime spree, the Olympics have become their new battlefield and innocent people will be their targets. It has now become a race against time to bring a stop to these terrorists before they succeed in destroying the Olympic Games.

This book is part of the newer Hardy series. I used to love reading the older books when I was young. The new series is not nearly as good. The first thing that I have to wonder is why after so many books whether you include the old series or not, the Hardy’s do not really age much. This is book is book 111 in the new series and yet they are barely over twenty, characters should age with the series, no one can possibly stumble upon 111 cases in such a short time span. For a series I enjoyed greatly, I think the new series was a mistake. The Hardy series should have ended with the original series. The characters in this book were not overly deep, although by reading the series you would get a better feel for the main characters. The plot is interesting enough to keep young people reading, filled with lots of action, however it is very predictable, the same outline is used in every book. There are certain factors/events you can guarantee within each book, mainly the fact that one of them will be captured at some point. It was interesting to see it taking place during the Olympics though, it made for a cool setting.

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