Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book Review- Alexadre Dumas- The Man in the Iron Mask

Alexadre Dumas- The Man in the Iron Mask (Moby Books 1983) 3.25 Stars

It’s been thirty years since the Three Musketeers were a team, now they are together again. They find out that king’s twin brother is in the prison of Bastille and they plan to switch the king with his brother. First they must free the twin, and figure out how to make the switch and get away with it. If it does not work they must plan an escape for they will be hunted down like dogs. They will find out that the king’s fury and drive for revenge knows no bounds, he will hunt them down to the ends of the earth. This is the final chapter four the Four Musketeers.

The beginning of the book was fairly slow and did not really grab my attention. I probably would not have finished it if it wasn’t for this being our group read author. It did pick up about a quarter of the way through and got pretty intense by the end, but it still did not overly impress me. I must say that I enjoyed the movie much more. The characters were great. It was one thing that Dumas did very well in this classic novel. They were all very well thought out and I enjoyed reading about them. The plot was good, but I expected more from an author that I have heard so much about. This is not an author I would search out and pick up another of his books.

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