Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Review- Lee Child- Tripwire

Lee Child- Tripwire (Jove Books 2009) 4.5 Stars

Jack Reacher is continuing to wander the United States, enjoying being just a part of the crowd. Out of nowhere comes a private detective asking around for a Jack Reacher and suddenly Jack Reacher is being sought by a couple of thugs who killed the private detective. Now Reacher needs to find out just where the detective came from and why the man’s client wants him. The answer will shock him and send him spiralling into a dangerous mystery that will reunite him with many old acquaintances from his past. Danger lurks around every corner, will Reacher be tough enough to find the answers and survive?

Once again I find myself impressed by Child’s writing skill. His Reacher series never fails to impress. Tripwire is no different, it takes hold of your attention from the beginning and does not let go. Your mind must work fast in order to keep up with all the information Reacher must dig up and process. Everything does not always add up to what Reacher figures it should leading to some great twists and unexpected turns of events. I enjoyed how this novel deepened Reacher’s character as we found out more of his past as an army MP. We get to see some of his old acquaintances and even a role model/teacher. We even learn a little more about his family life growing up. I love the action that we get to see in the book, reading about Reacher’s incredible skill from years of MP self-defence training creates some great movie scenes in my head. This novel took Reacher all over the world and took the reader even more places, which was fun. The villain was creepy and odd, his desperation led to some wicked actions, adding to the suspense. Tripwire is a nail-biter. Of course there were a few scenes that I may have done differently, but that happens in every work of fiction does it not?

I recommend Tripwire to any Child fans, or anyone looking for a good thriller/mystery with lots of great action.

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