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Book Review- James Patterson- The Murder of King Tut

James Patterson & Martin Dugard- The Murder of King Tut (Little, Brown and Company 2009) 2.75 Stars

Very little is known about King Tut. He became the ruler of Egypt when he was but nine years old, and this led to upheaval amongst his advisers. Although he seemed fairly successful on the outside, he somehow died at a young age and his name was mysteriously removed from Egyptian history. No one knows just how he died, but many suspect foul play.

Years in the future Howard Carter is trying to discover the location of King Tut’s tomb. It is the kind of mission that could make or break his career. He will become the laughing stock of many before finally discovering the location, only to find that it was not quite as he had expected it.

In the present James Patterson and Michael Dugard are scrounging for clues to come up with their own theory on this Boy King’s death. In their opinion it is a story of one of the greatest betrayals known to man.

I won this book in an online contest. It was one that I wanted to read, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it, I am kind of glad I did not pay for it. The story kept jumping between three different time periods, the time of King Tut, the time of Howard Carter, and the present (featuring James Patterson himself). It was kind of like he wrote three different short stories and then combined them into one and separated them into breaks to make them seem more intriguing. I found it a little annoying and felt like he was trying to make it seem more intriguing then it really was. To be honest most of the book was kind of dry and boring. I only enjoyed the last third of the book. In the end it all boils down to a theory on the death, which for all we know has true parts to it, no one can possibly know for sure. There did not seem to really be a point in putting the present into the book as it just slowed down the plot, it may have been less annoying if it was just jumping between two time periods, not likely, but it may have helped me focus. Without the ending coming through to make it seem more interesting my rating would have been a two. As you can see I was not overly impressed by this nonfiction thriller, but I encourage you to pick up a copy from your local library and formulate your own opinion on the matter.

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