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Book Review- Tess Gerritsen- Vanish

Tess Gerritsen- Vanish (Ballantine Books 2006) 4 Stars

Boston medical examiner Maura Isles is almost finished a day like every other, when suddenly her life changes in one moment. Hearing banging on the door to a cooler in the morgue she opens it to find that the Jane Doe, who had been brought in earlier in the day, was not indeed dead. After rushing the woman to the hospital she is shocked when the woman calmly takes control of the hospital and holds several people hostage, including a pregnant policewoman, Jane Rizzoli, whose husband, Gabriel Dean, just happens to work for the FBI. Now Maura must work with Gabriel to hunt down the facts that will lead them to an end that no one could have imagined.

Vanish was a great thriller. It kept the reader in suspense, so that they never really knew what would happen next. It had twist after twist which could only happen after the protagonists located certain individuals who had important details. Just when you think it couldn’t get anymore intense it does. I will warn all the readers ahead of time, this is not a novel for the weak stomached. It has several gruesome rape scenes which fit into the plot, so be forewarned before picking up Vanish, as you will get no indication from the back of the book. The case details in this one were hard for even me to stomach, although I did enjoy most of the book. The characters were quite interesting. It was intriguing to see how their minds were working and how shocked they were when something turned up that they did not expect, they definitely acted like real people would. One thing I would have liked to see improved upon was the setting descriptions; at times I found them to be quite vague.

I recommend Vanish to strong stomached thriller readers and Tess Gerritsen fans.

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