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Book Review- Ray Hogan- Solitude’s Lawman

Ray Hogan- Solitude’s Lawman (Doubleday 1988) 2.75 Stars

Cole Dagget thought that he had finally caught a break in his life. With his eight hundred dollars he was going to start the life he had always dreamed of, which included a horse trading business and finally marrying his fiancé. A stop at a small-town bank puts an end to all of that. The bank is robbed and he loses his money, but he does not intend to let it go at that. Chasing after the robbers ahead of the posse he wants to catch the robbers and get his money back. The posse assumes that he is part of the robbery and wants to catch him along with the others. Now he not only must catch the robbers, and save a kidnapped girl, but he must face a town who wants him dead.

The introduction was a good one; it grabbed the reader’s attention and made them want to read more. Sadly that feeling only lasted until the halfway mark. Instead I began to feel frustrated with the stupidity of everyone involved. Nobody seemed able to think for themselves except Cole Dagget and one other man. If humanity was as dumb/ naïve as the characters in this novel we never would have gotten past the Stone Age. The plot was not overly great, but it wasn’t terrible either, it was about average. I do love to read of this time period (the old west) and so I was kind of hoping for a little bit more from this author. I also did not like how the girl just kind of shut up when if she had spoke up it all would have been over, especially since she wasn’t even in immediate danger at the time, it made her seem pathetic, weak, and flaky, when many of those western women would had to of been tough as nails to survive. As you can tell, overall I did not really enjoy this western as a result I do not recommend it.

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