Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Darkest Fear

Harlan Coben- Darkest Fear (Dell Publishing 2001) 4 Stars

Myron Bolitar is shocked when an ex-girlfriend pays him a visit, only to announce that he is a father and has been for many years. Now his son is in need of a bone marrow transplant and the donor has suddenly disappeared. Is he really a father or is she just telling him that in the hopes that he will investigate and save her son? Either way he intends to find out the truth behind the donor’s disappearance. Suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a very dangerous mess. He seems to be worrying a wealthy family with secrets to hide, upsetting an FBI investigation, and digging up information about a ruthless kidnapper. Guess it’s time to bring in Win to help with his investigation.

I have to say that Darkest Fear started out a little bit slow, although I knew that with it being Harlan Coben, he would crank it up a few notches as I got deeper. It was Myron’s wonderfully amusing sarcasm that kept me interested. That and the fact that Coben seems to be able to create some of the most amazing characters that jump off of every page. Myron Bolitar’s witty sarcasm never fails to amuse and in this novel we get to see a different side of Myron, a side that I am not sure I liked, but it did make him seem just a little bit more human. Coben is always able to create plots that grip the reader and hold them in suspense for the majority of the thriller and he certainly did not fail to achieve this in Darkest Fear. The plot was weaving back and forth so much that the reader will be kept on their toes and it is strengthened by the amazingly intricate storyline of Myron’s past where we find out about a childhood rivalry and his not so smart decision to sleep with his rival’s fiancĂ©. This indiscretion ultimately caused the ruin of his basketball career, something which he must face in this book.

I recommend Darkest Fear to Coben fans and those who love a good thriller.

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