Saturday, November 28, 2009

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- The Vanished Man

Jeffery Deaver- The Vanished Man (Pocket Books 2004) 4.25 Stars

Police consultant Lincoln Rhyme and his police contact Amelia Sachs are called in to assist in the investigation of an illusionist who is committing murders and vanishing before the eyes of witnesses. Each victim is posed in a different illusionist’s trick. Just when they think they have the killer figured out, everything changes. The pair must unravel the illusionist’s tricks in order to find out the true meaning behind each piece of evidence. Can they trust anything or anyone? Can they solve the case before the killer succeeds in his master plan?

Jeffery Deaver has outdone himself with The Vanished Man. The villain is a brilliant illusionist who makes the case a very interesting one. There are so many twists that you are just never sure what is what, at times there appear to be almost too many twists. The investigative details are really well done and you can tell that Deaver did his research. I loved the characters in this one, including the villain. They were all very well put together and I even felt that I got to know the villain, although in the end I discovered that I really did not, which worked well into the book. I did find that Lincoln Rhyme figured out some of the details out of the blue, I would have liked to see a little bit more reasoning behind why he came to these conclusions, and how he figured things out, the explanations given at times seemed a little bit flaky. Overall I was very impressed and enjoyed reading this book, making it a difficult one to put down.

I recommend The Vanished Man to anyone who loves thrillers, mysteries, and Deaver novels.

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