Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michael Connelly- The Black Ice (St. Martin’s Press 1994) 4.25 Stars

Harry Bosch is hunting down the clues on a case that wasn’t his, but somehow is connected to his own cases. So far he has one dead cop and dangerous drug ties which lead to more deaths and the life of Bosch could be shortened greatly. Can Bosch stop the killer before the killer stops him?

Once again Connelly has done a great job. I enjoyed this mystery as Bosch was taken across borders for The Black Ice, which meant that I got to see a little bit of Mexico. Connelly has a way of creating a very interesting plot with complex details that lead to some great twists, and The Black Ice was no exception. I also like Bosch and how he always finds a way to rub his bosses the wrong way. Even with his authority problems he still manages to be a great detective, who manages to solve the most complex of cases, hence the reason why his superiors put up with him. The Black Ice is a great early addition to this popular series.
I recommend The Black Ice for mystery lovers and fans of Michael Connelly.

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