Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Review- Joseph Finder- High Crimes

Joseph Finder- High Crimes (Avon Books 2002) 4 Stars

Claire Heller Chapman, hotshot attorney, has her life shaken up one evening when FBI agents suddenly try to arrest her husband and he pulls moves she did not know he was capable of to escape. When they finally bring him in, she must defend him against charges only a maniac could be responsible for. Could it be that her husband is someone she doesn’t really know? Everything is at risk for her and someone unknown seems to be pulling the strings on this classified, high profile case. She begins to realize that she may have gotten herself in too deep, the question now is can she save both herself and her husband?

High Crimes is an exciting thrill ride through the courts of American military justice. I have ordered the movie version as well and am anxious to see how Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman portray this great novel. I enjoyed the twists and turns and although I saw a bit of the ending coming, I did not see all of it. The plot and storyline were very well done and held onto my attention all the way through. I also really liked Claire Heller Chapman’s character, although slightly na├»ve at times, she was still a great main character.

I recommend High Crimes to anyone looking for a good courtroom drama or an intriguing thriller.

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