Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book Review- Fred Grove- Man on a Horse

Fred Grove- Man On a Horse (Leisure Books 2000) 2.75 Stars

Captain Jesse Wilder had fought in the Army of Tennessee against the Union, before moving on down to Mexico to fight against Emperor Maximilian. Mexico cost him his wife and unborn child and all he wanted now was peace and quiet. He is offered a job as a scout for a suicide mission down into Mexico to rescue a governor’s daughter. He was going to refuse until he found out that his wife’s murderer was the leader of the bandits.

Man on a Horse was a rather slow book, it had its interesting sections, mainly the action scenes, but overall I found it difficult to get into. Jesse Wilder is the only character we really get to know and we don’t get to know him as well as I would have liked from a main character. The plot was a good one with a good storyline, theoretically anyway, the execution of it was not really there though. I also found it odd that the man’s whole reason for accepting the mission was to go after the killer of his wife, and yet we do not hear of it too much after the original mentioning of it.

I do not recommend Man on a Horse.

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