Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- Hard News

Jeffery Deaver- Hard News (Bantam Books 2001) 3.5 Stars

Rune is tired of being a simple cameragirl and wants to move on to the big times, Current Events. What she has discovered might just get her there, or it could get her fired. Randy Boggs claims to be innocent and that he should not be in prison, Rune believes him. Her story about him might just get him free, but someone else does not want the story to come out. Prison life for Boggs has suddenly gotten to hot to handle and Rune must avoid letting the story kill her.

With a great sounding storyline I expected a little bit more from Deaver, don’t get me wrong it was a good book just not as good as I had hoped. The characters were filled with depth and I loved Rune as she wasn’t your typical main character. A couple of sections were a little bit disappointing as they just didn’t add up to what they could have. On the other hand it was great to look at her struggling to raise a child that is not hers, while still trying to do her job. The action scenes were also very intriguing. I also enjoyed the very end of the book as it was kind of different, but the early ending was not so great, I’d tell you why but that might spoil it for you.

I recommend Hard News to Deaver fans, people who like books about reporters, and thriller fans.

Tony Peters
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