Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Review- Michael Connelly- The Last Coyote

Michael Connelly- The Last Coyote (Little, Brown and Company 2007) 3.75 Stars

Harry Bosch is on suspension for assaulting his Lieutenant and is in mandatory counselling sessions. Not one to sit still he has decided to do something he should have done long ago, look into his mother’s murder. Things spiral out of control quickly as he unearths secrets long forgotten.

This book has a really slow beginning that I wish Connelly had found a way to avoid. When the action started happening though, it really started happening, gripping your attention and making it hard to stop reading. We learn a little bit more about Bosch’s past in The Last Coyote, explaining why he decided to become a police officer to begin with, and maybe helping understand where his anger issues come from. I always love the investigative portions of Connelly’s books and this one was no different.

I recommend this book to Connelly fans, mystery/thriller lovers, and anyone looking for a good book.

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