Sunday, August 23, 2009

Book Review- Maggie Stevens- Parent Fix

Maggie Stevens- Parent Fix (Anomaly Publishing 2008) 4.25 Stars

Maggie Stevens teaches parents what they need to do to change their own behaviours and attitudes to positively affect their children. When parents become the good role models it will change how their children behave, usually in a positive way. In the end the relationship between parent and child will improve.

I found the advice in this self-help book to be solid and would imagine that it would be helpful for parents. Having worked in group homes myself, I can see that much of this advice is useful. I especially think that the first section, creating a safe haven, was important for parents, along with the section on living with teenagers, which all parents can use a little help with. Maggie’s advice seemed like a new and refreshing perspective on parenting, when there are so many self-help parenting books in the market.

I recommend this book to parents of all ages.

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