Saturday, August 15, 2009

Book Review: David Thompson- Wolf Pack

David Thompson- Wilderness: Iron Warrior/Wolf Pack (Leisure Books 2000) 3 Stars

Although there are two books in this package, I will only review Wolf Pack as they are both very similar plot lines and will get the same rating. Trapper Nathaniel King stumbles upon a group of killers, who are robbing trappers and settlers of their possessions and murdering them. He must track them down, with the help of his family, and put an end to the tyranny.

The plot was very predictable and although I got a slight enjoyment from it, it wasn’t intense in the least bit. The characters are very well done, which really is the author’s saving grace in my eyes. Thompson built up the end battle throughout, only to have it really be quite short and altogether too easy. The books did have some interesting trivia knowledge for the average city slicker, like me. I think that Thompson could have done a lot more with these novels and he missed the mark.

I recommend this to those who are die hard western fans, not a good starting point for western reading.

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