Saturday, July 4, 2009

Review- Bill Manville- Writing to Get Published Student Handbook

Bill Manville- Writing to Get Published Student Handbook ( 4.5 Stars

I would like to Bill Manville for sending me this handbook, it was a very informative read. This handbook gives aspiring writers the information that they will need in order to stand a chance at getting published. It explains all the important little details from showing and not telling, to what publishers are looking for. On his website Manville holds a teaching course for writers, which is what the handbook is supposed to go along with, although you can read the handbook and not take the course.
I would encourage writers to at least glance through this handbook as it does have some helpful hints and pointers. I enjoyed reading it, as an author every little thing helps. The writing market is tough and we authors need to take every bit of advice we can get!

Tony Peters
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